I have a deep admiration for Christen. She is able to contemplate some of the greatest mysteries of life, see correlations, understand complex systems of thought, and link them to what is relevant, practical and tangible. We might all know someone rich with these qualities, but what sets this woman apart is her ability to clearly translate and apply this wisdom. All of these qualities make it enlightening to converse with her, as she is fully present and listening on all levels. This gifting and openness allows her to tune-in and observe energetically what is taking place in the body, inviting you to participate and explore the energetic landscape within. Astounding correlations can be made through this experience. In recognizing this, I have wanted to share with others what I have been able to pay attention to and how much this has helped me to live in a more mindful way. I know the time she takes to listen and learn, along with what drives her, and I can wholeheartedly say that I trust Christen. 

-Jeannine B.

Christen is without a doubt the most healing person I've ever met. Her bodywork is incredible. I wasn't sure at first what to expect, but the safe space she provided to talk and her gentle hands-on approach was more than I could have asked for, and everything I didn't realize I needed! I leave every session feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally lighter and more relaxed.

-Kate S.

I’ve had work done by Christen numerous times. She’s the first person I reach out to when a personal connection of mine feels off. Many matters are deeper than they appear; Christen bridges the gap of communication between your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. She works with you, personally, to initiate a more profound dialogue between your inner state and perceived world. Her soft and serene exterior translates to her bodywork: never pushing you further than you’re capable but still commencing chasmic, palpable changes that are lasting. Many times, I feel better directly following bodywork. After seeing Christen I notice a distinct difference on all planes for weeks to come.

-Mackenzie S.