The Space Between is the private therapeutic bodywork practice of Christen Bridgwater, located in downtown Wheaton, Illinois.

Christen has extensive training in multiple bodywork modalities, including CranioSacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Reiki. She is a Board Certified Polarity Therapist and a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 700 hours of teaching and client experience in group and private settings.

Christen also holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and has pursued personal study of numerous healing, religious, and wisdom traditions. With a broad understanding of Western philosophy and East-meets-West healing practices, Christen brings a truly holistic perspective to her client work.

“The Space Between” refers to that space between Heaven (a metaphor for the spiritual realm) and Earth (the created, material reality).

As human beings, we are essentially spirit-souls, and yet we inhabit a material body. Very often, the suffering that we experience results from a forgetting of our essential nature as non-material souls (thus over-identifying with materiality), OR from an inability to accept the changeable, material realm (thus forgetting embodiment and our relatedness to Creation). To live fully alive— fully human— we must inhabit the space between.

Bodywork helps us to remember our eternal nature, while also fostering deep appreciation for physical embodiment and the material life we have been gifted.